Best Small Chainsaw for Home Use 2023 – Ultimate Guide

Are you tired of using bulky and heavy chainsaws for small jobs? Or do you need a compact and portable chainsaw for camping or DIY projects? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the Best Small Chainsaw for Home Use for your needs.

In this article, we will provide you with a brief overview of the Best Small Chainsaw for Home Use available in the market. Our list includes chainsaws that are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and perfect for small-scale cutting jobs.

But why settle for a small chainsaw? Well, these chainsaws are not only more affordable but also have the added advantage of being more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. With their compact size, you can easily store them in your toolbox or carry them wherever you go.

Our list of small chainsaws has been carefully curated by chainsaw experts and tested by professionals to provide you with the most reliable and efficient chainsaws available. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into the realm of the best small chainsaws you can buy this year.

Do you want to know which small chainsaw is perfect for your needs? Keep reading and find out!

Best Small Chainsaw for Home Use:

  • Ryobi 18v one plus
  • Dewalt 12″ chainsaw
  • Baulanna Mini Chainsaw
  • Potenco mini chainsaw 
  • echo CS-271T Chainsaw
  • Milwaukee M12 FUEL HATCHET
  • Kimo handheld chainsaw

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1- Ryobi 18v One Plus Small Chainsaw:

Ryobi 20V Chainsaw

The RYOBI 18V ONE+ gadget capabilities 260 progressive product answers, providing you with the remaining versatility and choice to accomplish the activity. With cordless lithium-ion generation, RYOBI powers through nearly anything. Our ONE+ is the gadget that provides greater, from drilling, riding, reducing, and fastening to lighting fixtures plumbing, cooling, and rocking to trimming, edging, mowing, and clearing, our ONE+ is the gadget that provides greater.

Excellent of all, we’ve stayed proper to our equal 18V Battery platform, providing you with peace of thought as you make your series bigger. In addition, the most up-to-date merchandise and batteries from our 18V ONE+ device fit the original RYOBI equipment and mortars from 1996. So, no matter your hobby or skill degree, whether or not you’re at the Jobsite or home, there’s a ONE+ product for you. Satisfactory of all, we’ve stayed authentic to our same 18V Battery platform, providing you with peace of thought as you expand your collection. 

The one+ Chainsaw redefines the 18-Volt class by turning in the power and overall performance you’ll anticipate from higher voltage traces; while its lightweight, the compact layout makes it secure and easy for anybody to perform. In addition, with its push-button Oiler and onboard device garage for chain tensioning modifications, you have everything you need on the device to get the activity completed. 

Works with all Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt gear and batteries ideal for pruning and mild lambing for quick clean-up aspect get entry to chain tensioning for clean changes On-board tool storage for short-chain changes ten in. bar and chain Push-button oiler Battery and Charger not blanketed.

Drive Size: 1/2inch, Anvil: 1/2″ with friction, Impacts Per Minute: 3200, Battery Size: 18 Volt, Torque: 1800lbs, Maximum Speed: 2900rpm, Product Weight: 2.75lbs, Warranty3-Year Warranty

What We Like:

  • Its design is robust.
  • It has Die-cast gear.
  • 4-Mode Speed Control.
  • To increase workspace visibility, it has a tri-beam LED.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has low power.
  • Battery and Charger not included.

2- Dewalt 12″ Small Chainsaw:

Dewalt Chainsaw

In case you want something lightweight and portable but big, powerful, and flexible, your quality bet is a traditional-style chainsaw with a manual bar underneath 14″. At around $250, this powerful DeWalt chainsaw can do nearly anything without taking over an excessive amount of space or being a problem to handle. The gasoline-free operation removes the cold begins, fumes, carburetor issues, and renovation concerned with gas-powered chainsaws.

This battery-powered Chainsaw is constructed to handle challenging production and outside paintings. The lightweight layout maximizes user control. Its brushless motor generation grants excessive runtime and lengthy motor existence. The Kit includes a 5.0Ah 20V charger and a hard bar cowl. The 20V Compact 12 in.

This battery-powered Chainsaw is built to paint hard. Use it for complex production and outdoor jobs like cutting beams, demolition work, and managing tree limbs. The lightweight design maximizes consumer manipulation. Brushless motor generation provides intense runtime and lengthy motor lifestyles. It has all the protection capabilities you’d locate on any massive chainsaw.

First, it has an automated oiler for worry-unfastened operation. 2nd, it has a sequence destroyed right in front of the manager, so if your hand slips or the Chainsaw bounces too tricky, it’ll prevent it instantly. It also has a two-step trigger like top chainsaws to avoid accidental activation. Without problems, the Battery is changed and might even be exchanged for optimum batteries on different DeWalt tools.

The brushless motor works with a lot less friction than regular vehicles. This may be especially essential if you use the device for simple complex jobs because it will increase sturdiness. Overall, the tool is picture-perfect for structure work and outside cutting.

Power Source: Battery Powered, Chain speed: 25.2 ft/s, Item Dimensions: 25 x 9 x 9 inches, Bar & chain: 12 inches, Chain speed: 25.2 ft/s, Chain pitch: 3/8 in, Item weight: 8.8 pounds, Warranty: 3 years

What We Like:

  • Its battery life is excellent.
  • It doesn’t make noise. 
  • It quickly starts and stops. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has a single-speed trigger.

3- Baulanna Small Chainsaw

baulanna cordless mini chainsaw

Unlike comparable products available on the market, this hand chainsaw for slicing wood comes with ergonomic non-slip. It takes care of supported handguards, providing balance and smoothness to cling to the Chainsaw.

This battery chainsaw is equipped with detachable rechargeable operated 24V 1500mAh lithium batteries, huge potential takes an average of 2 hours to full fee and the everyday use time can attain 1-1.5 hours. The battery chainsaw adds an open protection lock transfer.

You want to press and keep the safety lock and cause on the equal time to begin the saw, which can save you unintentional start, consequently ensuring the protection of the user. Improve 6-inch electric powered tree saw chain, deeply quenched and hardened treatment, and simplest takes about 6s to reduce a log with a diameter of 6″.

This pocket pruning chainsaw is a should-have tool for your series, being ideal for a massive form of activities together with camping, trekking, hunting, and slicing timber reducing, bushes branches pruning, and gardening. Present suitable for lawn, guys, ladies, and DIY fans.

This lightweight Chainsaw, simplest 0.9kg, may be used with one hand and is now not easy to fatigue for lengthy-term use. Very suitable for the circle of relatives and occasional work, even girls can easily manage it. The Chainsaw has been set up; you don’t need to install the chain one at a time.

This light and compact small Chainsaw, simplest 0.9kg, may be used with one hand and no longer smooth to fatigue for long-term use. Very appropriate for their own family and occasional paintings, even girls can without problems control it. The Chainsaw has been hooked up; you don’t want to install the chain one by one.

What We Like:

  • This chainsaw is powerful
  • Its blade is normal
  • Its speed is breakneck.

What We Don’t Like:

  • On the blade, there is no kickback guard.

4- Potenco Small Chainsaw

Potenco Mini Chainsaw

Mini saw is more used if we work on a small amount. This compact saw is full of accessories, such as a pair of labor gloves to offer a good, sturdy grip. This can be an excellent option for those who aren’t relaxed handling a bigger saw, though its 4-inch blade remains sufficient to address serious pruning responsibilities.

It additionally comes with a backup battery, something we usually appreciate, which lets you have one charging even as the alternative is in use. It’s also a good deal less complicated to get the right of entry to difficult-to-reach regions, in which bulkier saws wouldn’t suit.

An included mild is every other convenient characteristic, illuminating your workspace and decreasing the threat of a coincidence. It has four security measures to ensure that the cordless Chainsaw has reliable safety: With a security lock to prevent kids from mistouch while the temperature reaches 200°F, the motor routinely stops working to provide protection.

This mini Chainsaw is just about 0.7kg in weight and 13 inches long. It is easy to apply for girls and the aged, and will not feel tiring after a long term of use. Similarly, it additionally offers gloves, cleaning brushes, oil bottles, screwdrivers, wrenches, and a detailed manual in English, which may be very suitable as a gift to pals, DIY fans, fathers, woodworkers, and artisans.

This electric-powered Chainsaw could be appropriate for treetop pruning, woodcutting, and gardening. Baffles save your particles from splashing. Rubber grip improves slip resistance and luxury. 

Horsepower: 550 Watts, Product Dimensions: 4.3 X 2.8 X 13 Inches, Item Weight: 1.54 Pounds, Warranty: 3 Years, Battery Powered: 2.0ah.

What We Like:

  • LED feature for use at dark time.
  • This chain saw has 50 minutes runtime
  • It has an extra chain.
  • It has a rubberized handle.
  • It has excellent safety features.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not for heavy projects.
  • It doesn’t come with a bag.

5- Echo CS-271T Small Chainsaw

Echo CS-271T Chainsaw

Echo chain saw model names start with “CS- ” accompanied by a range indicating the approximate engine displacement. For example, a CS-450 has a 45cc engine, and a CS-800P has an 80.7 cc engine.

All Echo chainsaw motors are strokes. And that’s why we adore Echo chainsaws. They’re a depended-on logo that gives height performance for a while you want it most. And we’re brief to recommend them to everybody seeking to do saw paintings. From heavy-obligation cutting to simple trimming, there’s an Echo simply proper for the occasion.

The echo is understood as an easy, intuitive door power gadget, and this notice can enhance that popularity. It was given an on/off toggle switch, a virtually visible decompression valve, and a massive knob on its air-cleanser cowl. “They simply construct precise, sincere gadgets,” one of our testers stated.

The Echo CS-271T capabilities a slightly smaller professional-grade 2-stroke engine than the Mark II; however, this fits its shorter 12-inch chain bar length. A throttle lock prevents unintended acceleration when going for walks for protection purposes. There may be a side access device-loose chain tensioner if the chain loosens for quick changes.

Once you get to the trees, the tool features an i-30 starting system that makes it clean to start the engine and correct the paintings. As a top-deal with pruning chainsaw, it’s far greater compact and advocated for use by arborists/tree service specialists. A lanyard clip at the rear end lets you connect the saw to your belt for easier mountain climbing while pruning more than one bush. However, some users complained of starting issues, which are small cases.

 When we compare this saw with others, we see that Echo and Stihl are options. If you need a powerful and lightweight chainsaw, then an Echo model might be the right choice for you. On the other hand, Stihl makes a different experience with a well-constructed, durable, full of more functions, gasoline-green chainsaw.

 Bar type: double-guard 91, Dry weight: 16.6, Available bar lengths: 12 inches, Handle: plastic, Oil capacity: 5.4fl, Fuel capacity: 8.1fl, Warranty: 5 yr. 

What We Like:

  • It has a Professional-grade 2-stroke engine.
  • It has a Lanyard clip
  • High-quality Throttle locks
  • It has a Tool-free chain tensioner

What We Don’t Like:

  • Issue when we start it 

6- Milwaukee M12 Small Chainsaw

Milwaukee M12

Milwaukee’sMilwaukee’s M12 2527-21 is the remaining mini electric powered Chainsaw because of its ergonomic, high performance, and sturdy layout. With its compact and lightweight four.1-pound production, the saw offers you higher control, right of entry to, and maneuverability in difficult-to-attain regions, inclusive of when landscaping.

However, some customers complain of a short-lived battery, but you may resolve this by shopping for more to replace as you work. Price. Furthermore, the saw capabilities a variable pace caused by on-the-spot throttle response for higher management and cutting overall performance. 

Below the hood is an electricity-state brushless motor that promises enough power to reduce via hardwood. Redlink Plus intelligence continues the motor and Battery in a communique to provide you unmatched overall performance and productivity.

As a result, the device cuts three-inch hardwoods as much as 120 times on a fully automatic oiler, keeping the chain lubricated to maximize sturdiness and productivity. As the top compact cordless polisher on the market, the M12 Polisher/Sander is the precise supplement to a polisher for a faster end. Providing dual Mode control and a variable velocity trigger, the M12 Polisher/Sander can provide multiplied person manipulation, irrespective of the software.

A device-free accent change permits brisk trade between sprucing and sanding add-ons. In addition, it has a translucent oil reservoir for a smooth-tracking fluid degree, so you permanently preserve your tool oiled.

Voltage: 12v, Number of Teeth: 6, Dimensions: 17.72 x 9.33 x 4.25 inches, Power source: air powered Sanding rpm: 0-8,300 rpm, Polishing rpm: 0-2,800 rpm, Length: 130mm, Blade length: 6 inches

What We Like:

  • This Chainsaw is Compact and lightweight
  • It has RedLink Plus intelligence 
  • It has a powerful motor
  • It has a green brushless

What We Don’t Like:

  • Its Battery is very short-lived.

7- Kimo Handheld Small Chainsaw

Kimo handheld chainsaw

A Beast for wood cutting, Pruning, and Gardening With a 13.2ft/s high-quality excessive chain velocity saw simply applies mild strain to govern the placement that facilitates lots to reduce wrist torsion. The optimized natural copper motor performs a sturdy and robust direct-force system, permitting you to perform smooth and efficient logging for household or farm use.

This compact option could be a first-rate choice for individuals who don’t have the garage space for a bulkier model or don’t want additional adequate notice. Although weighing only a little over 3 kilos, it packs an outstanding 20-volt motor and actions its chain at 13 feet in keeping with 2d.

Its small length also permits it to shape into tight or awkward areas that large saws could not, like among tree branches or into brush piles. This package also consists of a bottle of oil as nicely, which is usually a nice perk. you will get the entirety you want in this package, together with

  •  1X saw
  • 1X manual plate blade
  • 1X 2.0Ah Battery
  •  1X cover
  • 1X saw chain
  • 1X Charger
  •  1X oil bottle
  • 1X screwdriver

Slightly any requirement for retaining and the provider life for a noticed chain is over one hundred hours meets a maximum of your needs. So to upload this battery chainsaw for your tenting device kit or permit, it’s your lawn helper.

While using any saw, protection is always needed. Triplex security Protectionism upgraded mini electric powered chainsaw capabilities with 100° rotatable top defend baffle, lock-off button plus rubberized and ergonomic grips for consumer’s safety. The lock-off button facilitates loads to save the chain from being attractive by chance.

 Voltage: 20 Volts, Item Weight: 3.1 Pounds, Material: Stainless Steel, Usage Tree Trimming: Wood Cutting, Item Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 4 inches, Power Source: Battery Powered, Horsepower: 600 Watts

What We Like:

  • A copper motor with a direct-pressure device facilitates clean and efficient cutting.
  • Capabilities protection lock-off button that stops unintentional beginning.
  • The Battery of this saw charges in 1.5 hours.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The Battery may not hold a charge for long
  • Less potent than more extensive options.

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